Flight Safety Part Alert Form

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Flight Safety Parts that may have been accepted with non-conformances, whether or not they affect critical characteristic(s).
Significant issue detected during the manufacturing, processing, assembly, acceptance test, service or rework of a Flight Safety Part, e.g. cracking, fracture, NDI indications, metallurgical or chemical non-conformance.
Deviations to Flight Safety Frozen Planning or unusually high scrap rate regardless of cause, or other potential safety issue(s).
Brief Description:
Include sufficient detail to allow for any potentially affected hardware to be segregated, pending a comprehensive investigation.
Root Cause:
Provide assessment of the root cause for the issue(s). This information may be provided as a follow-up if it is not immediately available.
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1. E-Mail to Products@sikorsky.com or Fax copy to (203)386-7850
2. Follow-up telephone to (203)386-4757

 Note: Submittal of this Flight Safety Part Alert form does not alleviate the requirements to also submit a Nonconforming Material Rejection Report (NMRR), where required..